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A TV series entitled What Next for New Zealand, ran in 2017. At the end, it appeared the solution to technological challenges was more technology.

In recent years, technology has sped up, even faster than 1960s commentators worried about. A term has arisen in fact - digital disruption.

This website explores emerging downsides of digital disruption. Our nation has been disrupted before by wide eyed idealists, and several messes were created. Many global writers are concerned about the Internets role in creating inequality, hugely profitable monopolistic firms, and generating fake news. That's what this site is about. 

It is also the home site for an emerging book that you are welcome to read, as chapters become available. Award winning NZ journalist, Keith Newman says of it, "I found the first chapter compelling...made me want to read more."

The book posits that NZ can be roughly seen as a very small version of the USA. As the book explains, there are four similarities and one glaring difference;

  1. We’re both recent start-up nations from immigrants who overpowered existing native populations and environments. That’s history.
  2. We speak the same language and play similar sports, have the same fast food chains, and watch the same movies. That’s culture.
  3. We are both classed as true democracies by The Economist, and only twenty nations are in that list. That’s politics.
  4. Both are called rich nations, while most of their inhabitants don’t think they are. That’s money.
  5. But the United States of America has 320 million citizens, while New Zealand has less than 5 million. That’s numbers.

Comparisons with, and experiences from the USA, are inserted where appropriate. Primarily, though, it is about how a small advanced nation copes.

Download or read the first chapter online


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