Author bio

Bryan Winters was born in Hawkes Bay and has lived and worked in; Liberia, West Africa; London, UK; Singapore; Melbourne, Australia, and now resides in Mount Maunganui. He has worked in the digital industry since 1982, beginning with a twelve year stint with IBM, the then world leader in computing.

He is published internationally with’ The Bishop, the Mullah, and the Smartphone.’ Click here to see reader and academic reviews on the Amazon site.

He also published an environmental book in New Zealand entitled ‘That Pommie Bastard; a roaring true tangle with New Zealand environmental politics.’ Click here to read reviews.

He is chairman of the Live For More charity, which works with at-risk young men, turning lives around through a combination of counselling, surfing, and Maoritanga. Most Thursdays of the year, he can be found teaching wave riding to these guys along the Mount Maunganui coast.

And he was a TedX speaker in 2016 in Tauranga. Click here to watch his talk on youtube.